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​​Dutch / BIO



Dutch - Born Daniel Meade is a artist from tri cities, Virginia. Growing up in the inner city where  trouble was easy to get into and very hard to get out of a young Dutch was no stranger what the streets had to offer. Between Graffiti on the basketball courts and school buildings and his favorite cartoons Dutch learned early on he wanted to create cool shit for others to see. Also into painting   during his middle school and high school years he would design shoes and clothing for himself and other classmates. In 2006 Dutch attended ITT Tech for its graphic Design Program. Sad to say that dream was short live due to a 6 month jail sentence for a probation violation.

Fast Forward

Dutch moved to Georgia in 2015 with the hopes to have a fresh start. Later landing and Apprenticeship with Gwinnett Based Tattoo Artist Amanda Garcia Dutch then started to hone his skills as an artist. While His style is still developing he leans more to a illustrated/Neo Traditional/ New School Type of Art. 3YRS In the industry Dutch is currently conducting business and creating DOPE SHIT in his new private studio RICH MIND ART STUDIO

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